Snowmobile Apparel Reviews

Looking for the best snowmobiling helmets, gloves or any other snowmobile apparel? The experts at Snow Goer have put them through the ringer so you know what should get your hard-earned money.

Choko Design Int’l. IceRock Intense High Bib Review

David Wells
November 5, 2014

The Choko Design Inc. IceRock Extreme Jacket and Intense High Bib is made with a waterproof/breathable material. Choko Design International (CDI) helped pioneer snowmobile suits way back in the 1960s. As the oldest manufacturer still in the business, Choko is known for high quality with a traditional... Read more »

LS2 FF 387 Helmet Review

David Wells
October 22, 2014

The LS2 FF 387 full-face helmet in Split Black graphics. Solid colors and other Split graphics are also available. You might not know about LS2 helmets, but you will probably be hearing more about them because they’re solid products with really good value. Made by Jiangmen Pengcheng Helmets Ltd.,... Read more »

Coldwave Snowmobile Gear Is Returning

By John Prusak
March 20, 2014

A  little over a year ago, word started to trickle throughout the snowmobile market that one of the legendary brands in the sledding apparel world was going away. Well, now we’ve been told that, in the bastardized words of Mark Twain, “The rumors of Coldwave’s death have been greatly... Read more »

Zoan Z933 Runner Modular Helmet Review

Zoan Z993 Runner modular snowmobile helmet

David Wells, Contributing Writer
July 31, 2012

Zoan Z993 Runner modular snowmobile helmet with the Hydrogen graphics scheme Relatively new in the American snowmobile market, Zoan helmets that I have tried represent excellent value for hard-earned recreational dollars. The Zoan Z933 Runner modular snowmobile helmet was on my head for a lot of my... Read more »

FXR Factory Racing Renegade XC Jacket and Vertical Attack Bib Pants

FXR Renegade XC Jacket

John Prusak
March 15, 2012

The otherwise stylishly-muted FXR Renegade XC jacket proudly proclaims “Mountain” on the left chest and again on the right sleeve. The matching black Vertical Attack bib pants have similar logos just above each knee. Maybe it’s a nod and a wink to the area where riders can almost always depend... Read more »

Vemar Jiano Modular Helmet

Vemar Jiano modular helmet

David Wells
March 15, 2012

New to the snowmobile market last season, Vemar helmets are made in Italy and distributed throughout North America by Motonation, a company in Santee, California. Vemar’s Jiano modular lid is DOT-certified and features a dropdown internal sun shade that’s activated by a side-mounted lever that has... Read more »

Snowmobile Product Test: BRP Carbon Light Snowmobile Helmet

Lite-Brite: The BRP XP-R Carbon Light Blaze snowmobile helmet is super light and really light.

Andy Swanson
March 12, 2012

I’ve been testing a BRP XP-R Carbon Light Blaze snowmobile helmet this snowmobile season and realized a few great features about it. Lite-Brite: The BRP XP-R Carbon Light Blaze snowmobile helmet is super light and really bright. Bright Orange Color: You can’t miss this helmet’s blazing... Read more »

Snowmobile Boots: Did You Know?

HMK Boa Lacing Boots

February 2, 2012

HMK Boa Lacing Boots Did you know that the Boa lacing system used on some snowmobile boots is guaranteed for life? We didn’t know this until after the wire “lace” broke on one of Snow Goer Art Director Randy Kepner’s HMK Voyager Boa boots while covering the Eagle River Snowmobile... Read more »

Snowmobile Product Test: Nolan N-103 Modular Helmet

December 15, 2011

Drop-down sunshades are a great feature for modular snowmobile helmets. They pretty well eliminate the need for sunglasses while riding, but some of them fog. I learned while riding last winter that the Nolan N-103 helmet’s Vision Protection System (VPS) resists fogging better than the sunshades in... Read more »

Drift Racing: Authority Jacket and Drift Pant

March 7, 2011

Most guys won’t ask their wife how they look in new clothes because the Man-Law Book says we’re not supposed to care, but I’m different — I do care and I have an image to keep (for my lovely wife). The first time I put on my new Drift riding gear last winter, I asked my bride how I looked. To... Read more »

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