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Polaris Acquires Snow Bike Maker Timbersled Products

Timbersled for web

By John Prusak
April 22, 2015

The ongoing questions, especially in the West, about if and when a major snowmobile manufacturer will start building snow bikes has been answered — kind of. Today Polaris announced that it has purchased the Timbersled Products Inc., the maker of the popular Timbersled snow bike conversion kits. The... Read more »

How To Prep A Snowmobile For Off-Season Storage

Snowmobile Prep Products

Andy Swanson, Managing Editor
April 20, 2015

Many owners let their snowmobiles coast to a stop at the end of a season’s last ride, and there they sit in the yard all spring, summer and fall for the world to see. Unprotected from the elements, they degrade. Fuel hoses harden, seat fabrics crack and rust forms on internal engine components.... Read more »

2016 Ski-Doo Renegade Enduro 800R E-TEC Test Ride


Andy Swanson, Managing Editor
April 16, 2015

As snowmobile manufacturers try to understand the desires of their customers, they further slice and dice the market segments – including the popular crossover segment. The new 2016 Ski-Doo Renegade Enduro is for snowmobilers who are looking for versatility to go on and off the beaten path. These... Read more »

Throwback Thursday: Old Snowmobile Ads From Model Year 1983

yamah slider

By John Prusak
April 9, 2015

Social media tells us that today is Throwback Thursday, so why not have a little fun with some creative old snowmobile promotion? The ads shown below are all scanned in from the October 1982 issue of Snowmobile Magazine, which featured the first glimpse of the 1983 models. We’ve scanned in all... Read more »

2016 Yamaha RS Vector Test Ride

2016 Yamaha RS Vector

By John Prusak
April 8, 2015

Like many other snowmobile enthusiasts, we wait anxiously every winter to see what the snowmobile manufacturers have coming for the following year. And, like everybody, we dream big – eagerly anticipating new sleds that will have twice as much horsepower and twice as much quality suspension travel... Read more »

2016 Arctic Cat ZR 8000 Limited 137 Test Ride

ZR 8000 Limited 137 test ride

Andy Swanson, Managing Editor
April 7, 2015

Arctic Cat shuffled the name of its popular trail-focused crossover snowmobiles by renaming XF models with 137-inch tracks as ZR models. One Arctic Cat that should be a hot seller is the 2016 ZR 8000 Limited 137. After test riding the machine last month, here are five of the machine’s features... Read more »

Snowmobile Flashback: 1969 Yukon King Grizzly


David Wells, Snow Goer contributor
April 6, 2015

Yukon King had early success on the racetrack, but on the show floors. Yukon King suffered perhaps the farthest fall from glory of any snowmobile ever manufactured. In less than four years, it went from an undefeated racing season to serving as a bad example in another brand’s ads. In the early 1960s,... Read more »

2016 Ski-Doo MX Z Blizzard Test Ride


Andy Swanson
March 17, 2015

  MX Z Blizzard models include new skis with modern, edgy styling. The 2016 Ski-Doo MX Z Blizzard is one of the most intriguing and impressive snowmobiles that will hit the snow next winter. It includes new ski technology and a longer track than some other MX Z models, not to mention it brings back... Read more »

2016 Lynx Snowmobiles: The Sleds You Can’t Have!

2016 Lynx snowmobile

March 10, 2015

From the “things you can’t [easily] get” department comes this: Announcement of the 2016 Lynx lineup of snowmobiles. For the uninitiated, Lynx is a brand of snowmobiles owned by BRP and built in Rovaniemi, Finland, and available only in Europe and Russia. In some instances, many Lynx... Read more »

2015 Snow Goer Demo Sled Weights, Part 2


Andy Swanson
March 8, 2015

It’s always fun to find out the true, trail-ready weight of snowmobiles, and it’s an annual affair at the Snow Goer shop. On Friday I posted a story that included the weights of the crossover sleds in our 2015 demo sled fleet, and there were some surprising figures. Take a look at the... Read more »

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