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Colorado Snowmobile Expo Oct. 11-12 Hosts Swap, Seminars & More


October 7, 2014

Virtually all things snowmobile related – and mountain sledding focused most specifically – are being pulled together this coming weekend, October 11-12, in Denver, Colorado, at the 29th annual Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Expo. The event, hosted by Snow Goer magazine in coordination with the Colorado... Read more »

New Definition of Classic Adds ’90s Snowmobiles At Waconia


By John Prusak
September 23, 2014

There’s a new definition of “old,” and I fear that it may include me! The organizers of the huge Waconia Ride-In Midwest Vintage Snowmobile Show have announced that sleds built as recently as 1995 will be included at the show this year. Why? Well, first those machine are now 20 years... Read more »

Snowmobile Of The Year: 2015 Polaris 800 Switchback Pro-S

soty layout at 600

By John Prusak
September 18, 2014

Editor’s Note: The Snow Goer Snowmobile of the Year was officially announced in the November issue of Snow Goer magazine, which is currently mailing to subscribers. The text from the magazine announcing the award is posted below. To get the full feature story explaining the development of the winning... Read more »

Backcountry Rider Preston Turk’s Extreme Machine


September 11, 2014

Again this year at the Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Expo, Snow Goer magazine will celebrate the tricked-out backcountry carvers and hillclimbers with its Rocky Mountain Extreme Machines display. Riders willing to bring their sled to the October show can apply, and the snowmobiles chosen will be not only... Read more »

Fan Favorite Levi LaVallee Retires From Snocross

Levi Slider

By John Prusak
September 9, 2014

Longtime fan favorite Levi LaVallee announced Saturday that he is retiring from active participation in snocross racing, though don’t expect the popular 32-year-old to disappear from the radar anytime soon. LaVallee, from Longville, Minnesota, said he will no longer compete in the ISOC Amsoil Championship... Read more »

New Shocks, Graphics On Polaris 2015 IQ Race Sled


By John Prusak
September 8, 2014

This is the 2015 Polaris IQ Race Sled. Many changes have been made through the years, but this season will be the 11th year Polaris drivers have raced this platform. A new Walker Evans shock package that some of the top Pro teams have been testing for the past couple of seasons will now be stock equipment... Read more »

Arctic Cat Unveils Two New 2015 Race Sleds


By John Prusak
September 8, 2014

Arctic Cat has made a habit of unveiling a race sled and maybe one other surprise consumer sled or two at the annual Haydays Grass Drags & Swap Meet. This year, they followed suit, although the focus was primarily on racing… for now. Trail riders should pay attention, however: There could be cues... Read more »

2015 Ski-Doo MX Zx Race Sled Unveiled


September 8, 2014

Ski-Doo Platinum Club members had the chance to see the 2015 Ski-Doo MX Zx 600RS up close. After a long, long wait Friday evening during a special event for Ski-Doo Platinum Club members, Ski-Doo officials pulled the wraps off its 2015 MX Zx 600RS racer. There were extensive changes made to the 2014... Read more »

Wanted: Rocky Mountain Extreme Machine Snowmobiles

xtreme for slider

September 5, 2014

A lot of riders in mountain states and provinces like to modify their sleds for their intended purpose, but you’d be hard-pressed to find more souped-up, tricked-out backcountry carvers and hillclimbers than can be spotted in Colorado. Why is that? Because the riding in Colorado is typically higher... Read more »

Unguided Snowmobile Trips Into Yellowstone Now Available – For Lottery Winners

yellow jp

By John Prusak
September 3, 2014

Are you feeling lucky, fellow snowmobiler? Then you may want to enter the lottery – not the one that’ll make you a multi-millionaire, but rather the one that may allow you and up to four friends to be one of the first to ride a snowmobile in Yellowstone National Park without a formal, commercial... Read more »

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