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Understanding Torque And Horsepower In A Snowmobile Engine

By John Prusak
August 21, 2014

Fifteen years ago this month, the late, great Phil Mickelson penned this Tech Professor column for the August 1999 issue of Snow Goer magazine. It explains the difference between torque and horsepower, and the only ways that more performance can get gained out of an engine. Its lessons are still as valuable... Read more »

How To Replace Snowmobile Track Clips

July 17, 2014

Snowmobile track clips typically last for the life of a track, but in some cases the metal sliders or guides might need to be replaced if they’re bent or cracked after striking a rock, stump or other hard object. Too many miles through abrasive, low-snow conditions can wear down the clips and even... Read more »

Must-Do Snowmobile Maintenance

Andy Swanson
June 19, 2014

Despite that a snowmobile is well beyond its youth if it shows 3,000 miles on the odometer, with regular inspections and service it can perform as reliably and as well as it did when it was new. Here are six snowmobile maintenance jobs that must be performed before the next time it’s ridden.... Read more »

Mountain Sled Track Length: How To Choose

Andy Swanson
May 15, 2014

There is an impressive number of choices for mountain sled tracks in terms of width, length, lug height, rubber hardness and lug profile, but there isn’t a guaranteed best mountain snowmobile track for everyone. By evaluating conditions where you ride, your abilities and more, you’ll likely end... Read more »

Snowmobile Off-Season Storage: How To Prep A Sled For Summer

snowmobile off-season storage prep

Andy Swanson
April 1, 2014

Spending about an hour in the spring to prep a snowmobile for off-season storage will keep it reliable and fun to ride well into the future, not to mention help retain its value. Without proper preparation and protection, snowmobile fuel hoses will harden, seat fabrics will dry out and crack, and rust... Read more »

How To Replace Polaris Cleanfire Fuel Filter

Andy Swanson
January 16, 2014

Does your Polaris Cleanfire snowmobile run rough or is it down on power? There’s a good chance that the fix is as basic as replacing the fuel filter. Hard starting isn’t a symptom, but run quality — especially top-end performance — suffers if fuel has to pass through a dirty filter. Run quality... Read more »

How To Replace Snowmobile Track Clips


Andy Swanson
November 13, 2013

Snowmobile track clips that are broken, worn, discolored or have separated from the track like these should be replaced. Snowmobile track clips are attached to the windows of snowmobile tracks so they can slide against hyfax on the bottom of the suspension rails. Snowmobile track clips typically last... Read more »

Study Proves E-15 Fuel Not Suitable For Snowmobiles


September 24, 2013

A  study by United States Department of Energy proved that E-15 fuel is not safe for use in snowmobiles. The International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association recently sent this press release about the use of E-15 fuels in snowmobiles: The U.S. Department Of Energy (DOE) released a study conducted... Read more »

5 Common Mistakes Made By Shade-Tree Snowmobile Tuners

houle featured

May 24, 2013

Jason Houle, left, pictured at Haydays 2012 with a drag sled and two other guys who helped tune it. As the owner of Straightline Performance in Forest Lake, Minnesota, Jason Houle and his team produce parts big and small to create more horsepower and get more of that horsepower to the ground. In doing... Read more »

5 Tips To Lessen The Pain Of Snowmobile Repairs

Andy Swanson
January 18, 2013

Good communication with shop personnel usually results in higher quality work and fewer unpleasant surprises. If your snowmobile breaks down, repairing it could turn into a long, expensive process that keeps you off the trails for weeks and smacks your wallet especially hard. Fortunately, there are a... Read more »

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