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2015 Snow Goer Demo Sled Weights, Part 2


Andy Swanson
March 8, 2015

It’s always fun to find out the true, trail-ready weight of snowmobiles, and it’s an annual affair at the Snow Goer shop. On Friday I posted a story that included the weights of the crossover sleds in our 2015 demo sled fleet, and there were some surprising figures. Take a look at the... Read more »

2015 Snow Goer Demo Sled Weights, Part 1


Andy Swanson
March 6, 2015

For years, Intercomp Company has helped us weigh our demo snowmobiles. The past 10 days have been a whirlwind as the Snow Goer magazine crew spent a week in Montana testing and photographing the 2016 models for stories that will be in issues next fall. It was sunny every day we were out west, and those... Read more »

Writing, Riding & Rehabbing

Andy Swanson
February 23, 2015

The Taconite Trail is a wonderful east/west route through northern Minnesota. Greetings! It was a cold weekend on the trail in Minnesota, but despite the patch of frost bite on my cheek, the ride was excellent and fun. I took Friday off of work and headed to Tower, Minnesota, with a bunch of friends... Read more »

On The Pipe

Andy Swanson
February 6, 2015

The Vermilion River in far-northern Minnesota It is crazy busy at the Snow Goer office – well, at the office, but also in the truck, on airplanes, in rental cars and pretty much everywhere else – including lots of time spent on the seats of snowmobiles. The throttle is wide open and the engine... Read more »

Wishes Come True

Andy Swanson
January 12, 2015

Happy mid-January. It’s hard to believe we’re already two weeks into the new year. The snowmobile season has gotten off to a slow start for many parts of the Snowbelt, but here are some snowmobile-related things I’ve experienced, seen and noted in the past five days: This 14-year-old’s... Read more »

Skis, Studs, Warm Windows And Cool Christmas Colors

Woody's studs

Andy Swanson
December 31, 2014

Happy New Year! I escaped for Christmas and my grandma’s 90th birthday party (90!) this past weekend to continue prepping and installing aftermarket parts on our 2015 test sleds this week. Recent work at the SG shop includes: Bolted a set of C&A Pro RZ skis on our 2015 Ski-Doo MX Z TNT 600... Read more »

Studding MX Z TNT 600 E-TEC Demo Sled

Andy Swanson
December 24, 2014

Support for tall studs is integrated into Fast Trac backer plates. “If you can’t ride snowmobiles, you might as well work on ‘em.” That’s what I tell people who wonder why I’m working on sleds during this stretch of foggy, misty, drizzly weather that we’re... Read more »

Shoei VFX-W Helmet First Impressions

Andy Swanson
December 22, 2014

I wore my new Shoei VFX-W helmet for the first time this past Saturday and Sunday. To prep the high-performance motocross-style helmet for snowmobile use, I removed the liner and put a piece of duct tape over each of the six vent holes to help keep my head warmer, and then retrofitted a breath box from... Read more »

Prepping Snow Goer Demo Sleds For The Season

Andy Swanson
December 19, 2014

Every season, just about every one of the Snow Goer demo sleds needs a little adjustment to the handlebar. Every winter the four snowmobile manufacturers set us up with demo sleds to ride all season. We use them for travel stories, evaluations, product tests, how-to stories and more. I spent today at... Read more »

The Science Behind The Fuel Snowmobiles Burn

By T.J. Krob
December 17, 2014

EDITORS NOTE: For the 2014-15 season, Snow Goer magazine has added a new element to each issue called “Snowmobile Science.” Authored by trained engineer and mega snowmobile enthusiast T.J. Krob, Snowmobile Science takes readers behind the scenes for a scientific look at the sport of snowmobiling.... Read more »

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